Frogger Games

We are thrilled to release this new 2018 version of the classic frogger game. It should work on all modern browsers that don't support the old flash plugin. Html5 is the new web standard that supports gameplay directly in your browser without downloading any extra plugins. Use the Arrow Keys to control the frog. If you like frogger, you will probably like another classic web game called bubble shooter, which is insanely addictive.

What is Frogger?
Frogger the arcade game published by Sega & developed by Konami. Jointly was published in North America in 1981 by Gremlin Industries & Sega. The main object of this game is Frogs. To reach their home, they need to cross busy roads and the river full of gambles. From the starting of the froggers game, more than 20 million copies have been sold worldwide. Among this, 5 million copies were sold in the USA. That was the start of their popularity. Frogger has more than 20 versions on different platforms. In the early age of 80s, there was a frogger television show.

How to play the Froggers Game
The main feature of Froggers is the frogs. Here the purple lady frog will be sitting on a log in that river. If the player moves towards her, she will hitch on the back of you. Until the stage ends, she will be there. However, it's not a punishment. The player will receive 200 extra points for each successful complete stage. Icons, Cars, Frogger, Turtles, Snakes, Crocodiles, Logs are the basic features of this game. You have 10 stages or levels to earn a lot of points. Frogger is representing the unlimited numbers of frogs. It would help if you needed to lead them. Directly the Turtles are not the enemy. They can be the reason for losing points or turning when they go below the surface. But the snakes are the first moving enemy. The crocodiles have the habit of appearing at various points of the game. They will never attract you but will go slightly beside you. If you get in contact with their head, it will be the result of instant death. There are many similarities with every version of this original game. The most important similarity is all the game objects are moving continuously.

Overall we love Frogger!
With the lovely features & objects, Froggers is one of the best classic games & will be around forever. All ages will like to play this game because of the design of objects. If you run this game in a simple mood, it will make an enjoyable game scene that will never lose your heart. So the interest in playing this game will be increased by the stages one by another. Who is finding an action game, he will definitely enjoy this game.