Welcome to our fan website for all things about Frogger. Featuring all of the flash frog games ever made. And we have a new html5 Frogger game that works on new browsers. Next month we will be adding a Frogger game you can directly play on your Ipad or mobile browser. Play the same classic games you grew up enjoying. All of these frogger games have the same objective: dodge all of the cars or moving objects without getting hit while trying to reach the other side. We will add more html5 Frogger games this holiday season. Please tell a friend so that we can continue to run this website. Check out Free Games.
We now have new 2018 Html5 Frogger for modern web browsers.

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frogger flash game

retro frogger flash game
Retro Frogger

3d frogger flash game
3d Frogger

frogger 2 flash game
Frogger 2

The original Frogger game was created 1981. There are over 20+ versions of Frogger on various game platforms. There is even a Frogger television show that was popular in the early 80s.
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